The easiest way to collect feedback at work

Actively engaging with feedback helps to promote critical thinking. With Teamvoice, you can draw on the different perspectives and valuable insights of others.

Tools for individuals

Supercharge your personal and professional growth

Collect recognition

Customise your profile to receive feedback relevant to you.

Request feedback
360° feedback

Don't wait until your annual review to get feedback from the people that matter.

Reflect on your decisions
AI guided reflections

Analyse and confront your practice to become more self-aware.

Tool for collecting praise

Receive recognition

Tool for collecting praise

Collect and reflect on messages of recognition.

We all want and deserve to feel valued and appreciated. With Teamvoice, you can collect and keep messages of recognition for future reflection.

  • Customise your profile to elicit more relevant messages.
  • Remove Teamvoice branding from your profile page.
  • Respond to messages directly through the dashboard.

Request feedback

Tool for requesting feedback

Gain insight from the people that matter.

Don't wait for formal reviews to ask people how you're doing. With Teamvoice, you can start collecting timely, meaningful feedback today.

  • Request one-off feedback from anybody you choose.
  • Quickly and easily conduct a round of 360° feedback.
  • Report on, export or share your feedback at any time.
Tool for requesting feedback
Tool for reflecting on work

Reflect intuitively

Tool for reflecting on work

Reflect on your daily practice with the help of our AI “buddy”.

Self-awareness is crucial for personal growth and professional development. With Teamvoice, you can draw on different perspectives and valuable insights.

  • Challenge your own assumptions.
  • Identify gaps in your understanding.
  • Feel self-assured or adjust your thought processes.