Recognise and empower your everyday heroes

Support your team with employee engagement tools designed to help them thrive.

Tools for successful teams

Supercharge your team

Tool for understanding wellbeing

Stay connected to your team and monitor their general wellbeing.

Tool for prioritising efforts
Pulse surveys

Instantly identify areas where you can make the biggest impact.

Tool for collecting feedback
360° feedback

Create a culture of growth through continuous, real-time feedback.

Tool for organising agendas
1 to 1 meeting agendas

Facilitate meaningful conversations between managers and employees.

Tool for monitoring wellbeing

Check-in on wellbeing

Tool for monitoring wellbeing

Nurture positive working environments where individuals and teams can thrive.

Making employee wellbeing one of your top priorities is more important now than ever before. With Teamvoice, you can monitor, analyse, and act on individual and group sentiment at any time.

  • Enable people to perform at their best.
  • Inspire and motivate for better results.
  • Attract, retain, and grow top talent.

Pulse survey

Tool for understanding priorities

Bring your people closer together, wherever they are.

Shared purpose, common values, and clear vision lead to a sense of togetherness and unity. With Teamvoice, you can identify and understand what matters most to your people.

  • Gather insights about how your people feel about work.
  • Prioritise areas where you can make the biggest impact.
  • Measure your impact with continuous, real-time feedback loops.
Tool for understanding priorities
Tool for improving employee performance

Enable feedback

Tool for improving employee performance

Gain valuable insights into employee performance.

Don’t wait until annual performance reviews to find out how your employees are doing. With Teamvoice, you can continuously gather, analyse, and act on the feedback your people receive. from managers and peers.

  • Encourage regular performance conversations.
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Showcase the talent of your people.

Tighten processes

Tool for continuous improvement

Make one to one meetings more structured.

Facilitate stronger relationships between team members and boost employee retention. With Teamvoice, you can prepare the context required to ensure a productive conversation.

  • Prepare context to ensure a productive conversation.
  • Monitor patterns in team mood to build stronger relationships.
  • Empower your people to drive their own growth.
Tool for continuous improvement

Supercharge your entire workforce

Survey tool

Quickly survey any audience with our 40+ customisable templates.

Competency tool
Skills & strengths

Understand your team’s strengths and gaps to maximise performance.

eNPS tool
Satisfaction (eNPS)

Quickly and continuously measure your team's employee experience.

Reporting tool
Insightful reports

Gather and monitor intelligence on all aspects of your team's engagement and wellbeing.

Understanding your workforce

Survey everything

Understanding your workforce

Quickly launch surveys to understand your audience.

Gain insight into new or existing challenges. With Teamvoice, you have access to a powerful survey function for internal and external use.

  • Library of 40+ customisable survey templates.
  • Instantly launch prepared surveys or set to a recurring schedule.
  • Quickly understand results with reports and summarisation.

Monitor satisfaction

Retaining your employees

Make use of Employee Net Promoter Score®.

Improve the well-being and happiness of staff. With Teamvoice, you get data-driven insights into the satisfaction levels of your people.

  • Continuously measure your employee experience.
  • Understand what effects well-being and happiness.
  • Reduce turnover and retain your most valuable people.
Retaining your employees
Reports and analytics

Report your successes

Reports and analytics

Evidence your successes with powerful analytics.

Prioritise the most impactful initiatives and inspire your team to take action. With Teamvoice, you can make intelligence-based decisions with our intuitive dashboards and customisable reports.

  • Receive monthly summarisation reports.
  • Make use of the growing library of standard report templates.
  • Export data to evidence legal or regulatory requirements.