A team of engaged employees can lead to a more profitable and successful business.

If you are long in the management tooth, you’ll be aware that a more engaged employee is more productive – someone who believes in the organisation’s goals and principles will also be a greater ambassador for the business, and will promote those around them. There are pages and pages of management manuals out there on how to develop such a culture of people in your business, but we believe it all boils down to a single word eventually; communication.

Often communication within teams is dysfunctional, or misleading at best. Some of the best ideas are lost because they are expressed to the wrong audience at the wrong time, office politics, harboured grudges and misunderstandings are common enemies in the workplace; and yet who can say that they have in place a system for helping people to engage with the business?

That’s where we come in. In a world where the office suggestion box has rightly been consigned to history, we offer a simple platform for improving communication between your individuals, your teams and your managers. By offering a place for your employees to communicate, you empower them to help make positive changes within your organisation – by posing the right questions you can mine intelligence about your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as often as needed.